2016 Masters Course

The 2016 NKF Master’s Course was hailed a great success.  It was an ideal opportunity for students to learn from four great Karate Masters over a 2-day course of high class training and tuition in Aberdeen.  Ronnie Watt (9th Dan) welcomed students and introduced his guest instructors Sensei Alf-Ronnie Fagerland (5th Dan)  from Norway and Sensei Paul Kee (7th Dan) from Sweden and the NKF squad coach David Jock Calder (6th Dan)

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Students were given in-depth instruction on 3 advanced Katas, their forms and applications in both the practical sense and as an art form in the movement and focus of the body.  Paul Kee has won many international competitions in Kata including Gold at National and World Levels.

Just as students were beginning to grasp the foundations of the Kata Ronnie Watt amazed the group by demonstrating the concept of 4th dimensional movements in the Kata then 8th and 16th!

paul kee grant


There was expert Kumite tuition from Alf Ronnie and Jock Calder. This time focusing on leg techniques and punching using the hip. Speed and flexibility of the body is not necessarily the domain of the young if you know how to train properly.  Scoring points at Kumite needs speed and flexibility and Alf Ronnie has both.

The weekend concluded with a special Samurai Daimyo Award for Paul Kee and a special grading for selected Kyu and Dan level students.

Ronnie watt would like to thank all the students and the instructors who attended and congratulates them on an excellent weekend and for achieving higher results through their dedication to their training. Special thanks also to the group of Students who travelled from Germany to attend our course. 

Dan grading
ian 3rd dan

 (above) Congratulations to Ian Kelman on achieving his 3rd dan

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